KMS Success Story with BoschRexroth

Servo presses for assembly lines: Standardizing with smart subsystems

KMS Automation is standardizing pressing and joining tasks in assembly lines using the Smart Function Kit Pressing. The result: Less complexity when it comes to machine design, higher process quality and a shorter time to market.

Assembly lines built for the automotive industry should be delivered ever faster and, if possible, cover quality assurance at the same time. With the Smart Function Kit from its long-standing partner Bosch Rexroth, the mechanical engineering company KMS Automation is able to deal with this challenge associated with pressing and joining. The first application for the subsystem: An assembly station for pressing in a 230 mm long tube that runs through the interior of an aluminum oil pan. The second requirement: Collecting and forwarding process data for quality assurance purposes.

Servopressen für Montagelinien

Significant time savings and higher productivity

The modular construction of the Smart Function Kit Pressing allows KMS Automation to standardize applications in a wide force range from 2 to 70 kN and avoid complex hydraulic designs. This saves significant amounts of time: The subsystem is selected, configured and ordered completely digitally. After delivery in a package with preinstalled operation software, a software wizard guides users intuitively through the commissioning process and the drive parameterizes itself automatically.

Programming takes place visually using ready-made drag & drop modules which are simply arranged below each other and filled with parameters. Suitable function blocks are available for connecting to the line control system. Monitoring features and ready-made interfaces speed up the collection and transmission of process data for quality assurance and documentation. The major advantage of electro-mechanical systems: They are precise, can be finely controlled and allow various speeds. This increases not only the process quality but also the cycle frequency.

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Quickly implementing a servo press in an automotive assembly line including quality data collection
Plug & Produce subsystem:
best-in-class hardware, intuitive operating software, easy-to-use function blocks
  • Complete mechatronic package, preinstalled operating software
  • Commissioning wizard, graphical sequencing
  • Simple line integration, data collection and transmission
“The versatile subsystem from a single source saves valuable time – in engineering, during commissioning, in purchasing and service.”
Klaus Wurster, Managing Director
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